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February 16


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Draw My MLP OC Contest! Over 2k Points in Prizes!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 7:35 PM

This contest is now closed! Winners will be announced soon! Thanks to all who entered!

Guys, I am in DESPERATE need of a new ID. The one I have is nice, but my style has changed SO much, it's no longer even a good representation. I'm too busy to draw an AWESOME one for myself, and all of my favorite artists' commissions are closed, so why not have a contest?!

I know you all want to know what prizes you could win immediately, so I'll list those first here at the top!


The FREE Raffle winner will win:

:bulletpink: 100:points:! :bulletpink:

For the raffle, all you have to do is advertise this contest: 
:star:Make a journal which includes the link to this contest, and post a link to it in the comments section below!:star:

For the entry to count, it has to be a new journal! Not an updated old one! I don't mind being put on a list with other giveaways/contests, but I do want it to be a new journal that will pop up in your watchers inboxes! That's the point: promotion :)

First prize will win:

:bulletblue: 1000:points::bulletblue:
:bulletblue: 350:points: credit good for anything in my gallery! :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Their picture featured as my DA ID (with full credit given directly below the picture) :bulletblue:

Second Prize will win:

:bulletgreen: 500:points::bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:150:points: credit good for anything in my gallery! :bulletgreen:

Third Prize will win:

:bulletpurple: 200:points:! :bulletpurple:

Honorable Mentions will win:


There's been so many great entries, and entries with a TON of effort put into them, so I want to give out a few consolation prizes! There will likely be a max of 10 or so, depending.


They're really not "you can/can't" rules, but moreover "notes," really:

1. You do not have to be a watcher to win! 

Though I do appreciate the watches, I don't want you to watch me because you have to for a contest. I want you to watch me because you like my art!

2. First Place will only be given to traditional or digital works! Second and Third place are open to other mediums, but note that they will be judged within their respective fields! 

So, if you make a sculpt or a plushie, that doesn't mean you'll win because you didn't just draw on a piece of paper. It will have to be a "good" sculpt/plushie to beat out a "good" traditional/digital piece! But, depending on how much money I have and how many kinds of entries like that I get, whether you win or not, I'd be happy to pay for you to ship it to me and I'll treasure it forever!

3. Traditional versus Digital doesn't matter for priority regarding a first place winner! 

But, for traditional, please note it will be on my front page, so please scan your piece or take a photo of it outside in plenty of natural light! 

4. You may draw in whatever style you wish!

It doesn't have to be showstyle! And, feel free to humanize/anthro my characters if you wish! 

I'm pretty sure I'm mostly looking for a pony drawing (since it is a ponysona). But I want to allow anyone who wants to a chance to enter, and if your drawing is really good and represents me better than everyone else's pony drawings, then you could certainly win first place with an anthro/humanized piece!

5. I prefer "no text" images.

This is just a preferential thing. I've never really been crazy about "Welcome to My Page!" or stuff that says my name on it. I treat DA IDs like a profile picture, not a banner. And also, if I want text in the future, I prefer the option to add it myself so I can pick the font/what it says, etc.

Versions with text are fine (and I won't penalize those of you who have already added text by the time I make this addendum [2/22/2014]), but no text is just less work for you and more options for me!

6. You are welcome to do multiple entries!!!!!!!

But, to clarify, if you do multiples, I would prefer them in separate images. I don't want to play favorites with my OCs in my ID! 

With the exceptions of a cute pic of mine and my special somepony's ponysonas together just doing what we do, or maybe I could see doing something like a "BFF" picture between my ponysona and Shelly, OR me surrounded by all of my OCs would be AWESOME!

Either way, one image counts as one entry.

So, even though if you draw my ponysona you could qualify for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, just because you include one of my OCs does not mean you could win both 1st AND 3rd with the same image.

Also, having different "versions" of the same image (i.e. a "text version" and a "no text version") do NOT count as separate entries! Neither does having two separate pictures and then one where you just combined the two count as three. Small edits do not make it a new entry! As an example with my own work:

Equine Palette (Ponysona) by equinepalette Silver Player by equinepalette 
This counts as one image... ...This counts as another.

Blush by equinepalette
But this does NOT count as a third!

7. You MAY NOT use bases!

Okay, this one is a rule. I don't care if you're "not good at drawing." If you can't draw, a "Draw [THIS]" contest is not for you. Sorry.


For all entries, I will be judging on these criteria (in order of importance):

1. Expression
 - Did you capture who I am? What I like to do? What matters most to me?
2. Artistic Ability
 - It's not THE most important thing, but the image is going to be on my front page for quite some time, so I want it to look nice!
3. Personality
 - "Just a pose" is perfectly fine, but I want there to be some personality to it! Throw in some facial expression, or make it a "fun" pose!
4. Effort
 - Did you draw more than one character (Like, did you include my kitty? Or my special somepony?) Did you draw everything yourself, or did you use stock resources and brush stamps? Using references is PERFECTLY FINE, but don't just paste stuff into your image!

Priorities for first, second, and third prize will be given in the following way:

If you draw my Ponysona, you are given priority for 1st prize, but are in the running for First, Second, or Third prize.
If you draw my favorite OC, you are given priority for 2nd prize, but are in the running for Second or Third prize.
If you draw any of my other OCs, you are given priority for 3rd prize, and are in the running only for Third prize.

So, as an example, to win second place, I will likely pick a winner who drew my favorite OC. If you drew my ponysona, but didn't win 1st, you could still win second or third, but it's got to be AWESOME and beat out my favorite pic of my OCs.

The deadline for submission is May 1, 2014 

at 12:01am EST.

I'll judge them likely that day and let everyone and the winners know within 48 hours!

Current entries - Click here to see them!

Raffle Entries: 15
For 1st and Under: 31
For 2nd and Under: 3
For Only 3rd: 5

Remember: I'll likely pick the place winner from the entered category!



If you want to shoot for first, second, or third place, 

Draw my Ponysona!


Equine Palette Reference Sheet by equinepalette

You may draw her in any pose you like, or doing anything you like (as long as it's not NSFW). 


I would like her doing something I do! In order of preference of things I might like her doing:

1. I draw on an iPad!

Ponysona Drawing on an iPad by equinepalette

I use an app called Procreate. Here's a link to some info in case you need to know what the interface looks like: [Linky Link!]

2. I sew plushies!

Fluttershy Plushie (Open Wing) by equinepalette
Big 20" ones...

Dr. Whooves Sarubobo (with Sonic Screwdriver) by equinepalette
...and little 1" ones called "Sarubobos"

Here's a link to my plush gallery: [Another Link]

Another thing to note is that, for the big ones, I sew and embroider on a Brother SE 400, which looks like this! The Sarubobos are hand sewn.

3. I have an adorable kitty named Tad, whom I love to snuggle with!

I haven't actually drawn or commissioned any art of him other than the ADORABLE icon above, but here are a few pictures of him!

Image by equinepalette

Image by equinepalette

I might be able to get a few better pictures of him the next time I go home. Like, actual pictures you could reference ^^; The icon is a pretty great reference for his colors, at least.


If you want to go for second or third place,

Draw my favorite OC!


Shelly Shores Reference Sheet by equinepalette

Her name is Shelly Shores. She lives in Horseshoe Bay with her kitten Alice!

Alice the Kitten by equinepalette

Her talent is finding rare seaglass and the most beautiful shells on the beach and turning them into delicate trinkets like jewelry, windchimes, and the like.

For a full bio/life story you can click here!

To see other art for references, you can click here!


If you want to go for only third place,

Draw any of my other OCs!


In priority of who I'd like to see drawn:

Silver Player by equinepalette  
Silver Player is my very special somepony's OC! He LOVES videogames. He's currently working towards a bachelors in programming, and dreams of programming video games. He is a diehard XBOX devotee, although he plays computer games and GBA/NES emulators every so often. As far as games go, he loves most things FPS or RPG. Some of his favorite games are  Assassins Creed, Skyrim (or Elder Scrolls in general), and Minecraft.

You can see a couple of images of him with my ponysona (for a previous contest I did) here! (Check near the bottom.)

Cherry Cordial by equinepalette

Cherry Cordial is my very newest OC! (I just made her today! [2/27/2014]) Just like her namesake, she is the perfect combination of tart and sweet! She'll tell you like it is, and can sometimes lack tact, but makes up for it in her sweet demeanor. She loves helping her dads bake sweets in their bakery "Crumbs" in Manehattan. She doesn't have her cutie mark yet, but she hopes it will be related to making sweet treats like Papa and Daddy! 

Feel free to draw her older, give her a theoretical cutie mark, or draw her with her two dads! (You can find links to them by clicking on her picture above).

Glitterwing Sketch by equinepalette

Glitterwing is one of the favorites at the famous "Blank Flanks"--a premier stallion's club in Las Pegasus. Her trademark is hiding glitter among the folds of her feathers and making the whole stage sparkle as she flicks her wings during the "big reveal."

(Although I'm not necessarily advocating it, if you want to do NSFW, this one's your gal! She's the only one I'll allow you guys to do NSFW of.)

Purple Pansy (RE-Revamped) by equinepalette  
Purple Pansy is a gardener in Ponyville, specifically tending to the beautiful flowers. A strange combination of perky yet shy, she enjoys being alone in her garden most, but loves any company who may come along. She's also a little more slender/taller than most ponies!

Rip Curl by equinepalette

Ripcurl is Shelly Shore's brother. He is incredibly smart, but is also super lazy and wants to do nothing besides surf all day. He also has a pretty nasty temper. (Especially if you call him by his real name, "Stormy Shores"!)

Lumina Aura by equinepalette
(Note: I've since re-envisioned her as a pegasus, not alicorn!)
Lumina Aura has a ghostly personality for she must be blank to be able to read the aura of others. She sees deep into a pony who is lost or confused and helps them to understand who they truly are.


I think that's it! Feel free to ask any questions in a note or comment. And, of course, Good Luck to Everyone!

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Velveteen-Vixen Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
When will the winner be announced? 
equinepalette Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Likely sometime tomorrow or the next day ^^ I've got the 1st and 2nd place picked out, but third is a doozy! Still deciding on honorable mentions too (I've only got so many points.)
equinepalette Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No more entries after this comment! Thanks to all who entered!
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here is the journal
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This is seriously awesome! I haven't seen anything realistic yet, and you are a MASTER at those colored pencils! Thanks for entering!
ilovebeemo Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im entering!
equinepalette Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome!  But, you better hurry! Today's the last day to get your entries in!
TheNornOnTheGo Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im going to enter :)
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